Isnin, 11 April 2016

Jom Detox Cara Shaklee :)


(sumber : Shaklee Malaysia )

Although in its natural, healthy, state the body is detoxing at all times, all our exposure to toxins places a heavy burden on the body’s capacity to cleanse itself. How do you support your body’s detox process? #LiveAmazing #ShakleeDetox#DetoxTheShakleeWay #DetoxToLiveAmazing#ShakleeMalaysia #healthychoices #healthylifestyle

Kelebihan mendapatkan Set Detox Shaklee :

* FREE membership (jimat RM 79.50)
* FREE postage (jimat RM 10 / RM 20)
* FREE Meal Plan Detox Leaflet
* FREE (exclusive only) "Live Amazing" Paper Bag
* 5% cash rebate ( pada bulan MEI 2016)

Dapatkan Set Detox dengan : 
WhatsApp/SMS    ke --- 016 874 9195 Lenny

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