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Stay-At-Home Moms, KERJA MUDAH ??



Saya 'stumble-upon' satu artikel yang sangat menarik untuk dikongsikan bersama-sama Stay-At-Home Moms. Sangat menarik. Diambil dari sumber berikut:

The Stay At Home Rockstar Dad, DaddyFishkins.com

My Apology to Stay-At-Home Moms

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I owe an apology to women everywhere, specifically, stay-at-home moms. A lot of men who think that they are the "breadwinners" of a family have this notion that mothers who stay-at-home with the kids all day are, in a way, either not pulling their weight or just sitting around, doing nothing the entire day. I'm a bit guilty of this. In the past, I would often get agitated with my wife when things around the house didn't get done by the time I got home from work. I was guilty of thinking more than once It must be nice to sit around all day and watch TV.

How wrong was I? Dead wrong.

Fast forward a few years. My wife is now the one of us who goes to an office all day, and I'm now the stay-at-home dad. At first, I thought it would be a breeze and I'd get things done around the house on a better, more efficient system. In fact, one of the first things I did as a stay-at-home dad, was completely re-arrange the cabinets and the fridge. I had everything in the fridge lined up, labels facing out, broken down by type of food, condiments, etc. I was extremely proud of myself. Wanna know what my fridge looks like today?
So I thought it would be easy. I got off to a really good start, and I thought I could keep up that momentum, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and having dinner on the table when my wife got home from work. Well, I was able to do this for about a week, and now, looking back, I'm not entirely sure how it lasted as long as it did. You see, I never factored in the roadblocks , and daily challenges that come along with being at home with the kids all day long. So, I will break down a more accurate account of my day to show you what I mean:
6:00 a.m.: I get up, get my wife coffee, get my son in the shower, get his bag packed, make sure his homework is done, make sure his teeth are brushed.
6:45 a.m.: I take my son to the bus stop
7:01 a.m.: I walk through the door just in time to hear my 3-year-old whining and crying, begging for pancakes and juice. She likes to eat breakfast in bed, while watching her shows on TV.
7:02 a.m.: She gets her pancakes and juice and I usually get a thumbs up in approval from my daughter, but not always.
7:15 a.m.: I THINK about taking a shower. I can't.
7:30 a.m.: The wife leaves for work.
7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.: This block of time is really up in the air. Sometimes I get back in bed with the girls for a while. If I don't get in bed with them, they get up at 7:30 a.m., and to be honest, I just can't deal with two girls and all the drama that comes with them when they are exhausted beyond belief and cranky by noon because they got up so early. Plus I work every night until midnight and sometimes I need the extra sleep. However it's not always restful when every 15 minutes I'm being kicked, rolled on, jumped on, headbutted or asked for a pacifier.
9:00 a.m.: I get a request (they think I'm a servant from their favorite restaurant called 'Daddy's Cafe') from my 3-year-old that she wants "Chicken Nuggets and Juice". After telling her it's too early for Chicken and Juice, she immediately throws down a 5 minute tantrum until...*drum roll please: SHE GETS CHICKEN AND JUICE. She leaves me no tip.
9:05 a.m.: I try and sit on the couch with my laptop in a feeble attempt at trying to get some work done.
9:06 a.m.: My 18 month old is now eating chicken nuggets and drinking juice while sitting on my head.
9:15 a.m.: I brush off chicken crumbs from my hair and off of the couch. Sometimes she eats granola bars, and cleaning that up is an entirely different animal.
9:17 a.m.: Diaper change
9:20 a.m.: I sit back down on the couch.
9:21 a.m.: I'm requested to turn on Sponge Bob SquarePants(The Splinter episode -- I like how they request certain episodes now)
10: 30 a.m.: The 18-month-old naps while the 3-year-old watches TV, plays with her toys, and asks me a question every 20 seconds.
10:45 a.m.: Diaper Change (The stinky kind)
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.: I finally manage to sit down and get a few things done for work.
* NOTE: It is now NOON and not one ounce of housework has been done.
12:00 - 12:30 p.m.: The kids eat lunch -- surprise more chicken! -- while I do a modest attempt at trying to keep the kitchen clean while cooking them what they think is a 7 course meal. I might as well hang a sign on the fridge that says 'Daddy Cafe open 24/7'.
12:30 - 2: 00 p.m.: I finally get to clean the kitchen and do some laundry. If I'm lucky I get to pick up some of the 19,000+ toys and blocks laying on the living room floor. I'm super lucky if I can get through the living room without stepping on one of those extremely sharp toys that Toy companies think are safe to sell to children. It's like walking through a landmine, in a house full of hostile terrorists.
2:00 - 2:30 p.m.: I get the girls dressed so we can walk down to the bus stop. Yes, THEY ARE STILL IN THEIR PAJAMAS.
2:30 - 3:00 p.m.: The girls play at the bus stop waiting for their brother to get off the bus.
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.: The girls lay down for naps, my son goes to his room. The kitchen is a disaster again from him getting out snacks and exploring the cabinets. Sometimes I manage to take this hour for myself to catch up on some work, but not always.
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.: I referee my son and daughter who are arguing about various issues including territory in the house.
My Son: "Dad get SYD out of my room, she's touching my important stuff!"
Daughter: "No I'm not"
Son: "Yes you are Syd, you are touching all my important computer stuff and making noises!"
Me: "Sydney are you making noises?"
Daughter: Nods her head.
Me: "Why, are you just trying to annoy him?"
Daughter. Giggles. "Yes".
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.: I help my son with his homework, clean the house, sweep the floors, cook dinner.
6:00 p.m.: Wife gets home and we eat dinner. Most days I'm too exhausted to go into much detail of how the day went, and sometimes I'm so frustrated I eat dinner on the front porch, alone.
NOTE: This is on a GOOD day. Every day is different. I didn't add in the sick days, the 1 hour melt downs, the various random messes, the errands, the castles I build out of blocks, the shampoo I have to clean off the floor, the dish-washing detergent that I have to clean out of the dog's water dish, refolding the clean laundry that the kids have strung all over the house, the pee puddles that I have to clean up from when the baby rips off her diaper and pees on the kitchen floor, the baths I give mid-day because one of them thought it would be funny to splash around in a mud puddle, the re-hanging of curtains that the kids have ripped from the walls, putting drawers back into the dressers that they've pulled out and slid around the house like cars, and so forth and so on.
So whomever gets home from work, if it's the husband or the wife, they have no idea what their spouse has been through during the day. I sincerely apologize to any woman I might have said anything negative about, or joked about in regards to being a stay-at-home mom in the past. It's not an easy job. In fact, it's the hardest job I've ever had. Sure, it has it's moments, but it is a very challenging, very stressful job that is all held together, for most people at least, by a good bottle of wine, and a very warm and very quiet bath.
A Stay-At-Home Dad,
Daddy Fishkins
This post originally featured on Daddyfishkins.com
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Rabu, 11 Jun 2014



Hari ini, pagi-pagi saya menerima perkhabaran tentang kematian satu pasangan, yang mana mereka adalah  jiran (kedai) kepada suami saya. Dan saya terasa sangat tersentap dan insaf. Ya Allah, kematian itu tiba tanpa kita jemput. Ya Allah, saya insaf.

Kenapa saya mencatatkan perasaan saya dan fikirann saya pada entri ini. Ini kerana saya ingin menjadikan ia sebagai suatu peringatan kepada diri saya dan juga rakan-rakan baik di luar sana. Bahawa memang hidup ini tidak dijangka. Kita kadang-kadang terlupa bahawa Allah akan menjemput kita (manusia) bila-bila masa sahaja. Kita sekarang, waktu ini, ketika ii, berfikiran macam-macam, tentang masa depan, perancangan kewangan dan sebagainya. Dan janganlah kita lupa, bekalan untuk akhirat dan juga menyediakan bekalan untuk anak-anak kita sekiranya berlaku apa-apa kepada kita (ibubapa)

Ya Allah, rahmatilah pasangan yang telah mati ini dan lindungi anak-anak mereka. Amin.

Selasa, 10 Jun 2014

My thoughts


Watched "Secret Life of Walter Mitty".
And I realized that, some stories are not about loving couple.
Sometimes, it's just about LIFE.
And it's beautiful and touching.

Isnin, 9 Jun 2014

Momentum yang Hilang



Saya ingin bertanyakan kepada rakan-rakan pembaca, bagaimanakah untuk menghasilkan 'karangan' entri setiap hari? Sebenarnya saya pun tak tahu. Sebenarnya, saya ini ada masa kehilangan idea, ataupun jadi 'statik'. Biasa la, kita manusia ini ada 'mood' macam-macam. Ada masa 'mood' cantik, ada masa, 'mood' hilang dan sebagainya.

Jadi, bagaimanakah kita hendak mewujudkan 'momentum' untuk menghasilkan penulisan setiap waktu? Saya tidak tahu. Mungkin di luar sana ada insan yang boleh berbuat demikian dan ada tips untuk menulis hari-hari. Saya minta jasa baik insan yang demikian e-mail kepada saya untuk memberikan saya tips berguna, supaya saya boleh mengekalkan momentum membuat penulisan setiap hari.

Promos Khas:

RM 50 untuk 2 E-book

Wah sungguh Menarik Promo ini.

Hubungi saya untuk tempahan/pembelian/ pertanyaan.

Usah lepaskan peluang untuk mendapatkan e-book yang terbaik di pasaran.

Senyum-senyum selalu.

Lenny Boniface

Sabtu, 7 Jun 2014

Artikel Dari SuratKhabar : Perbaiki Diri dari Sudut Agama, Dunia

<Mutiara Doa>

Doa apabila Sukar Tidur
Zaid bin Tsabit R.A. berkata :
Aku mengadu kepada Rasulullah SAW mengenai kesukaran tidur yang dialami, lalu baginda SAW mengajarku  untuk membaca : "Ya Allah, bintang-bintang yang telah redup dan mata pun telah lemah, sedangkan Engkau Maha Hidup lagi tidak bersandar kepada sesiapa pun. Engkau tidak mengantuk dan tidak pula tertidur. Wahai Zat yang Maha Hidup dan terus menerus menguruskan makhlukNya, tenangkanlah malamku dan pejamkanlah kedua-dua mataku."
Aku pun membacanya, maka Allah menghilangkan daripadaku penyakit sukar tidur yang aku alami. (Riwayat Ibnu Sunni)

Buraidah berkata, Khalid bin Walid al-Makhzumi RA pernah mengeluh kepada Rasulullah SAW mengenai kesukaran tidur : "Wahai Rasulullah, aku mengalami kesukaran tidur ketika malam tiba." Jawab Rasulullah : "Apabila engkau berbaring di tempat tidur, maka ucapkanlah: Ya Allah, Tuhan Pencipta tujuh langit dengan segala yang dinaungiNya, Tuhan Pencipta seluruh jagat dengan apa dikandungnya, Tuhan Pencipta syaitan dengan segala yang disesatkannya, jadilah Engkau Ya Allah pendamping yang melindungiku daripada segala kejahatan yang dilakukan makhlukMu kepadaku atau sesiapa sahja yang akan menyakitiku dan menyerangku. Maha Tinggi Engkau dan tiada tuhan selain Engkau. (Berdasarkan riwayat at-Tirmidzi)

Doa Memperbaiki di dari sudut agama dan dunia

"Ya Allah, perbaikilah agamaku yang menjadi banteng pelindung urusanku, Perbaikilah duniaku yang menjadi tempat hidupku. Dan perbaiki akhiratku yang menjadi tempatku kembali. Jadikanlah hidup ini sebagai tambahan bagiku dalam setiap kebaikan dan jadikanlah mati sebagai kebebasan bagiku daripada segala kejahatan." (Berdasarkan riwayat Muslim)

Doa Memohon Kebenaran

"Wahai Tuhanku! Masukkanlah daku dengan kemasukan yang benar serta keluarkanlah daku daripadanya dengan cara keluar yang benar lagi mulia; dan berikanlah kepadaku dari sisiMu kekuasaan yang menolongku." (Lihat Surah Al-Isra, ayat 80)

Doa untuk Menghidarkan Sifat Dengki

"Wahai Tuhan kami, ampunilah kami dan saudara-saudara kamu dan saudara-saudara kami yang mendahului kami dalam iman dan janganlah Engka jadikan di dalam hati kami rasa dengki terhadap orang yang beriman. Wahai Tuhan kami, sesungguhnya Engkau amat melimpah belas kasihan dan rahmatMu." (Lihat Surah al-Hasyr, ayat 10)

Doa agar Mendapat Keputusan yang Adil

" Kepada Allahlah kami bertawakal. Wahai Tuhan kami, hukumkanlah antara kami dan kaum kami dengan kebenaran kerana Engkau sebaik-baik Hakim." (Lihat Surah al-A'raf, ayat 89)

"Ya Tuhanku, hukumkanlah dengan benar; dan Tuhan kami Maha Pemurah yang dipohon pertolonganNya atas apa yang kamu sifatkan itu." (Lihat Surah al-Anbiya, ayat 112)

Doa Keselamatan dan Pengampunan

"Ya Allah, aku bermohon kepadaMu segala yang mendatang rahmat daripadaMu, segala yang menyebabkan pengampunanMu, yang menyebabkan terselamat daripada semua dosa, yang menyebabkan mendapatnya semua kebaikan, berbahagianya dengan syurga dan terselamat dari api neraka." (Berdasarkan hadis direkodkan oleh Hakim)

To-Do-Target-List (Jun 2014)



Saya ingin catatkan Personal Target Bulan Jun saya. Untuk peringatan dan panduan diri sendiri.

To-Do-Target-List (Jun 2014)

1. Jadikan bilik saya dan bilik anak saya, bilik paling cantik, nyaman, lapang sekali.
2. Membuat jualan untuk setiap produk yang saya telah commit-kan diri saya.
3. Membuat lakaran buku kanak-kanak yang saya ingin (sangat) buat.

Ok. Setakat ni dulu. Nanti terfikir akan kemaskini lagi senarai ini.


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Saya tak nafikan, memang boleh belajar buat blog melalui pembelajaran melalui medium seperti Youtube, web/blog tutorial dan tak perlu bayar sesen pun. Tetapi, ada satu aspek penting apabila menyertai kelas (berbayar) ABDR, iaitu JARINGAN dan MENTORING/COACHING yang tidak boleh didapati di kelas online FOC.  Selain itu, apabila menyertai kelas ABDR, anda boleh memilih untuk menjadi Rakan Niaga ABDR, dan di situ tersedia produk untuk anda pasarkan , dan berikut contoh-contoh produk ABDR (dalam bentuk pakej servis dan kelas, ataupun produk fizikal)

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(oleh : Lenny Boniface)



Bermula fasa baru dalam hidup saya. Dengan kesedaran akan realiti kehidupan, saya sedang mengorak langkah 'semula' dan cuba bangkit dari mimpi yang menghambat diri saya daripada mencapai kejayaan.

Sudah banyak buku, ayat-ayat motivasi yang saya dah hadam dan baca. Tapi sekiranya tidak ada tindakan serta kesedaran, semua itu sekadar bacaan di masa lapang dan sia-sia sahaja.

Mari kita, ibu-ibu yang bekerja bangkit dari mimpi, dan bina kesedaran dan kekuatan dalaman untuk menjadi ibu yang berjaya di rumah dan kerjaya/perniagaan. Mari kita jadi penyeru, penyokong, pembimbing untuk satu sama lain supaya kita membina keluarga sejahtera, kerjaya berjaya, perniagaan berjaya, dan menuju akhirat dengan bekalan yang secukupnya. Amin.

Berminat untuk menjana pendapatan dengan mempunyai sebuah blog?
Mari sertai kami di Akademi Bekerja di Rumah (ABDR), dengan mendaftarkan diri dengan salah satu pakej di bawah:

Hubungi saya untuk pertanyaan, maklumat atau berkenalan dengan ABDR. Jangan segan jangan malu. Sama-sama kita membantu diri sendiri.