Rabu, 15 Mei 2019

Mesej Berguna Dari Wasap

The Treatment of Laziness and Frustration

Dr. Omar Abdul Kafi said that one day he was giving a Friday sermon in one of the Masjid. After the prayer a man who had a long hair and a long beard came to him. Surprisingly it showed that he did not care about himself at all.
He told Dr Omar: "I am very lazy, with a lot of sleep. I hardly wake up, I only wake up to eat and go back to sleep again.
I neglect my work, my future, and everything else and I don't care. My children think I am a strange person and very boring.
I have a lack of enthusiasm, and I am always having frustration. What should I do please help me."

Dr. Omar told him to ask Allah for forgiveness by saying "Astaghfir Allah" at least 100 times in a day, and to come back to him after one week, to tell him the result.

The man said: "I am telling you I am lazy, I sleep more than 15 hours in a day. I am neglecting my prayers, my children and my work, and you are telling me to ask Allah for forgiveness?"

Dr. Omar said:
"Come my son, we are flesh and blood. We humans are exposed to disobey our Lord and commit sins. These sins become heavy on our bodies and tend to make us lazy. They reduce our enthusiasms and inspiration, and teaches us laziness and stiffness. Listen to my advice and you will be shocked with the result."

After 6 days the man came to Dr. Omar, and told him: "I want to kiss your hand.
I now do Istighfar sometimes 100 times or 400 times or 1000 times in a day.
Allah Has Brought activeness and inspiration inside my heart. I sleep less than 7 hours and it is enough for me. I seek to engage myself in every activity in my work place. I have agreed on a new partnership and I have signed a contract in less than 4 days. These days I never miss my prayers, and I have become very close with my children.
Istighfar has become to me like a stimulant drugs, like energy drink, like electric charge."

Istighfar is like a hand which pulls a person forward. It is a Power from our Lord.
Just like how the umbrella protects us from the sun and the rain. Istighfar is like the hand which protects us from anything difficult which comes our way.

Use Istighfar for any failure in your life, or when you are hurt, or disappointed, or having sickness, or any worries.
The Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) used to say "Astaghfir Allah" more than 70 times during one single sitting.

With Istighfar our Lord will protect us from all hardships.
Muslim scholars have agreed that Istighfar helps a person to succeed in everything.
How lucky are you now, because someone will say "Astaghfir Allah" because of you. Because you shared this knowledge, and you guided him in doing this goodness.

Istighfar is a Mercy of Allah to us.
May Allah Make our Istighfar a healing to our sickness, and our happiness, and change of our lives to the best.

***akhir kata, jom amalkan istighfar sekerap sebanyak yang boleh