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Berita Shaklee : Interview by Traxx FM

Traxx FM interview

Many thanks to Traxx FM, producer and Mr. Green for this meaningful and fruitful interview

I'm very delighted to have an opportunity to share on how Shaklee cares for children CSP projects has supported more than 20,000 underprivileged families throughout Malaysia to consume Shaklee Meal shake.

Based on the Malaysia demographic profile in 2014, 28.8% which is 8.656 million of our population are children below 14 years old. They all require proper and premium nutrients in order to grow up as a healthy and smart adults. Meal shake, chewable C and Vitalea for children are premium supplements for kids. Let's help more kids in Malaysia to stay healthier

In addition, I also shared about
the Shaklee YES (Young Entrepreneur System) program during the interview. This's a very rewarding program to reward those who are ambitious and hunger to succeed. Any Malaysian who is above 18 years old could participate in this program.

In Malaysia, approximately 23-24 millions of our population are above 18 years old. Shaklee intends to help more Malaysian to be their own boss and live up their dreams. The unique part of this program is Shaklee offers additional 50% bonus/commission opportunity on top of the regular monthly bonus/commission to all the participants of Shaklee YES program for as long as 13 months. This's to achieve Shaklee mission by helping more people to live in a better lives.

Special thanks to all the Shaklee families for your continue support and efforts to touch more lives in Malaysia

See you at the top

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